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the unlonely tale of the piraffaroni

By January 11, 2015July 31st, 2016Creative Writing
two hand drawn horsey giraffey creatures smiling at each other
[ this silly story was written & illustrated for my nieces ]

In a faraway land, in a faraway place,
lives a strange sort of creature with a strange sort of face.

He lives all alone but he’s not lonely, you see,
this creature’s my friend & best friends are we.

We untalk without noise and we speak without sound,
not ever a whimper or whisper or growl,
but though I can unhear him I can’t see him at all,
he’s quite far away so he must untalk very loud.

He untold me he’s a piraffaroni,
they drink chocolate milk and they eat macaronis.
Macaronis grow on cheese trees, he eats all he please.
He can’t eat too much though or else he’ll unsneeze!

I asked him if that’s why his neck was so long,
but he got so very sad that I knew I was wrong.

“I am all alone but not lonely, you see,
because she’s out there, somewhere, waiting for me.
When I find her I’ll hug her and squeeze her real tight
and she’ll never, not ever, be out of my sight.”