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I’ve identified as an artist since the age of three. I don’t know how to defend it; it’s simply a part of me that is irrevocably mine… a natural instinct, a need, a hunger that is never sated. That creative spark has evolved into design, web, marketing, and photography.

The decision to make my passions also my livelihood has shaped, mocked, tiptoed around, and punched in the face every idea of Art Itself I’ve ever known. Design has settled so deeply under my nerves that I cannot even feel it anymore, it just is, it’s everywhere, it’s all around us and if we disconnect from the digital world it’s still there but breathing. Heaving. Gyrating. Biding its time until the next great Movement regurgitates itself upon us.

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What you need to know:

I  write & produce content for web and print, with a focus on user-first experiences. I understand which Creative Suite programs best suit my current project and can quickly output finished files to any specifications.
I excel at building audiences online & offline through high quality content creation. I accomplish this through email marketing, social media, promotional touchpoints, blogging, professional photography, a keen eye for language, and occasional doodles on paper.
Daily I collaborate with marketers, professionals, and small business owners to produce relevant touchpoints that meet their needs as well as their audience needs. I am a diligent advocate for their brand identity.
I love to travel, no matter the distance. Whether hiking Minnesota trails with my dog or trekking up Mt. Rigi in a cogwheel train, I’m always down for an adventure. Highlights include the London Design Festival, King’s Day, and Burning of the Böögg.
I wll 100% remember your dog’s name ten years from now. I’m one of those people that will veer out of my way to ask if I can pet your puppy (and yes, an old man with a gray muzzle is still a puppy). This of course extends to all animals, but I have a particular weakness for doggos.

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