The Process

Old Site Snapshot
Old Site Snapshot Cont.
  • Individual Focus

  • Not Responsive

  • Not SEO-Optimized

  • Bland CTA’s

Julie rapidly expanded her business over the past few years, but her old website did not reflect all the hard work she had put into growing her services and her team. She needed a new, responsive site that featured all aspects of her business.

I researched local and national competition before planning out the navigation and wireframes. I thought carefully about how potential clients would visit the site, and what type of information they’d be looking for.

Over the next few weeks, I designed and developed web pages based off my original wireframes. I performed extensive keyword research to inform headlines, subheadings, and body copy. I found many different ways to talk about organizing, and focused on copywriting for users with an awareness of search engines. I tried to use rising and trending long-tail keywords wherever I found the opportunity.

The before-and-after sliders are a fun feature of this site.

Bonus: Julie hired me for photography as well! I took indoor and outdoor shots of her space, creative shots of merchandise and shelves, and portraits of her team. They’re sprinkled throughout the site but mostly on the About Us page.

Every couple weeks or so, I hop into the backend of the site to check performance and security scans, make sure backups are in place and running smoothly, and make any available updates. This includes speed and database optimizations, plugin updates, theme updates, and WP core updates. Once maintenance is complete, I check the front end of the website to make sure all still looks well.