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This endless tide

By Creative Writing

Your face is the northern shoreline with the ocean in your eyes, a gentle unstoppable rise. I rest my head upon your chest, feel the ebb and swell of your breath, run my hand through sandy stubble along your chin that scrapes…

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Helen Y Hamling

By Family

Family & friends of Helen Yvonne (Haugen, Weber, Wettestad) Hamling, Here are links to her memorial program, just for reading: HelenYHamling_read print-ready file: Helen-Yvonne-Hamling_print Please feel free to download & share.

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Westley as a puppy in a field of yellow flowers


By Creative Writing

photo by Westbee Photography I loved you before I even knew you. I’d whisper little boy names to the ceiling, mind already reeling with adventures to come but. I met you in a basement in Branson Missouri. I admired how you watched…

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Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

– Salvador Dalí

Artist or Designer?

By Food for Thought

When the word “artist” is forced away and replaced with “designer,” I’m left with a hole in my gut that grumbles about something very much missing here. Why? Human beings have long sought structure in our visual lives. The design mind must…

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