The Process

Old Site Snapshot
The Problem
  • They were paying an advertising company $20 PER LEAD from the website.

  • Images, whole sections, and links all over the old site were broken.

  • The focus was on carpet cleaning… and they wanted to sell odor removal.

Liz and Jay desperately needed a site that worked for them. The focus needed to be on odor removal, not carpets! I researched their old website and what content I could pull for the new site. I developed new pages and a new navigation that not only goes into detail about commercial versus residential services, but also highlights the specific industries that can benefit from the work they want to do most.

In building the site, I studied competitors and industry trends to inform my UX and sitemap decisions. I thought carefully about how customers would land on the site, what information they’d be seeking, and how to make it very easy for them to contact the company.

The build began with wireframe sketches doodled on index cards. I built up small sections and saved them as templates to save time building additional pages. Each page, I thoughtfully considered keywords and placed them strategically. I rewrote copy in a professional, friendly tone that focused on unique sell points and customer benefits.

Every couple weeks or so, I hop into the backend of the site to check performance and security scans, make sure backups are in place and running smoothly, and make any available updates. This includes speed and database optimizations, plugin updates, theme updates, and WP core updates. Once maintenance is complete, I check the front end of the website to make sure all still looks well.