What happens when we drip hand-mixed ink carefully and precariously into eggshells, then smash them through a big heavy press? Magic. When I first saw what the ink had become, I traced a q-tip through the wet splotches. Pen and black ink completed the process. The following are haphazardly-crafted experiments with form, color, and imagination.

Here the eggshells are removed to give that wild texture on her head. To me it felt like she was facing a corner, so I gave her an edge. The text inside reads, “Like paintings, I prefer my back against a wall.”

I maybe cheated and pre-doodled part of this one. It turned out awesome and ended up on gallery display at Cream City Tattoo.messy

If thoughts were colors, would we still have a language barrier? Also on gallery display.

This guy looks so sad, as though he would fly… if only you asked him to. Most of the ink here was a happy accident, the obvious line work was created with a q-tip.

The top cloud is press ink, you can tell by the shells. The bottom was absolutely not inspired by my lover’s face across the kitchen table while I doodled this…

Waggle tooth, waggle finger, waggle toe. I am so proud of that hyper green… ALL colors were handmixed (that’s almost my favorite part of the process)

Egged On.

Yves Klein is perhaps most famous for painting with boobies…literally. When this one came off the press, I thought of his blue and his subjects’ body parts pressed against canvas. The lyric I lost a piece of me in you is from a Blue October song.