The Process

Logo Update
Old Site Snapshot

Find out the hierarchy of the site. What are the top calls to action and where do they want to direct the user? Compare that to the user’s needs. What are they shopping for? How do they navigate to that? The first step in researching is find out what the business is doing right so we can amplify that, and to find out what they’re doing wrong so we can improve the user experience and any employee frustrations with the old site.

The most desperate need for change was in the display. We created a responsive website with a mobile-first attitude. Since the majority of shoppers viewed the site on their phone, it was important for them to have the best experience possible. Once they’ve decided what they’re purchasing, most then moved to desktop for the sale. No matter the shopping experience, we developed the site to combine the best of business needs with user demands.

Since this site was developed with an incredibly user-friendly backend, the final step is to hand over the reins. Business owners typically prefer full control, so they are provided instruction on updates and new content. They’re no longer dependent on a developer or IT guy to keep their site current with the latest news.