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if you like it then you better put a string on it

By March 24, 2014July 30th, 2016Family
dog smiling with toy on a string

I made a fascinating, giggle-invoking discovery with my dog that just must be shared. My old man, Kody, has an undying obsession with squeaky toys. I never thought to tie a string to the toys until I saw a German Shepherd on Youtube freak out over it.

Sure enough, we have a new game. He can’t help but have to GET IT every time I yank that string. If you are as easily entertained as I am, or as terrified to be outdoors in below zero temperatures, this should keep you and Fido occupied.

*Note: For maximum chasage, practice with a short string and a wire, like fishing but for squirr…I mean squeaky toys.
People with common sense can stop the reading here.

Do be careful not to get your mutt tangled, or to leave him or her or it alone with the string still attached to the toy. Duh.

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