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unaffordable care postcard - "ouch" spelled with pills
Cause: The Right to Affordable Health Care
Mission: EDUCATE and ALARM

With the Affordable Care Act looming over our heads, I investigated health care and was absolutely disgusted with the results. This was a very eye-opening project that caused me to wonder… how the hell are they getting away with this?
They = Hospitals, Pharmaceutical /// Insurance /// companies.
Did you know we spend nearly 20% of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on health care? In 1902, the government spent .25%. That’s ONE QUARTER of a PERCENT. I’m not saying it needs to be that… but why is the US so high when, for example, Canada spends 11%. Israel spends 7%. China spends 5%.
We could learn a thing or two about what “affordable” really means!