“Dog Eye” Oil, acrylic, and house paint. Oh, my. 3’x2′



“Critterpated” 18″x24″ for my nieces. How many creatures can you find?



For below, the original photograph was taken at a dear old man’s cabin up in Ely, MN. His name is Mikey and he’s a pretty incredible guy. He surrounds himself with wildlife, including deer and ducks and chipmunks. We found a whole mess of spiders outside the house (whew) and a few of them inspired paintings.
“Staring in the Window” oil on hand-stretched canvas, 3’x2′


Another Mikey spidey:


Still Life in Red, oil on canvas, 24″x18″


“O’Brien’s Drowning the Houseplants Again” oil on canvas, 12″x24″


“Objectifischmation” 5’x4′
Painted in a fury after discovering women weren’t really allowed to paint women until the 1900s.objectifischmation


“Water is Life” 2’x3′
The painting that inspired the back piece.egg_is_life


“Three Mouths”
More like a body wreck than a shipwreck. Most people notice the first two mouths.


18″x24″ inspired by Freddie I want to ride my bicycle…
and my bestie Brittanybrittany_freddie